Reunited And It Feels So… Cold | Rockford IL Photographers

What’s better than getting the whole family back together so you can stand around outside and freeze while trying to pull off a natural smile and fight off watery eyes? Not a whole lot. But instead, we opted to go inside and take some pictures at Burpee Museum – mainly because I really need the use of my apendages during the holidays. Have you ever tried to bake without fingers? […]

Christmastime Is Here

Finally, the Christmas decorations are up and we are on our way to having a Merry Little Christmas. Usually, I bypass all the orangey stuff and go straight to the Christmas tree right around the end of October – ‘cus what’s the point of putting up an entire tree and all sorts of dangly things just to take it all down in 26 days?  Then again, what’s the point of […]

Senior Photos - #hecrushedit | Rockford IL Photographers

Holy first day of winter. Eh, ok. It was actually more like the beginning of October but I assure you it was FREEZING. We managed to get some good ones despite the chattering teeth and red noses. I think it served as a little extra encouragement for this young man to keep pursuing colleges in Florida. #smart Beloit Memorial High School. Hockey team. Hollister model. Ok, not quite on the […]

I Can't Stop. And I Won't Stop. | Rockford IL Photographer

I won’t stop talking about how awesome this photo shoot was. Just try and make me. And watch yourself fail. Cus I won’t stop. You know how sometimes the clouds part and life throws you a bone? And that bone tastes a lot like a mixture of fally light, aqua eyes, and a girl who happens to be the most photogenic senior on the planet? Oh, and who loves having her […]